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Thoughts on web design, web development and strategy by Beu Interactive | New Orleans, LA

Thoughts On Web Design

Working from home

How To Work From Home

Here is some advice for those who find themselves working from home for the foreseeable future.

Loyola University New Olreans sign

The Summer of 2006

How I managed to mess up graduating from college on time and learn to ask for help.

Bees At Work

Build Your Community

威尼斯人官网Your community is invaluable.

Sealed Envelope

The Entrepreneurial Artist

I would like to propose a class that explains how to start and run your own creative company. The class would be for students in the Studio Art and Graphic Design programs. At the end on the class each student would have a fully functioning business with a website, logo, stationary, business cards, business plan, marketing plan and clients/customers.

Yosh wears a hat

7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Building A Website

Most clients are inexperienced buyers of website design and development services. For many, the website they are purchasing is their first. As a result of that inexperience, a lot clients don't know what questions they will be asked in an initial meeting or what to expect. The resulting uncertainty can be a little nerve wracking. That's why I made this handy dandy list of questions to think about before that initial meeting.